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Due to the fact that Gwidon Busilo is the founder of GMC Productions, as the only production designers in Poland and probably a few in Europe, we have our own complete facilities of the entire art division, which allows us to comprehensively implement a film project of any scale, both locally and internationally.


This is the list of GMC Productions' own Art Department resources at our disposal:


  • Production Design | Art Direction

Our designers will bring your vision to life. They will do it on time and within an agreed budget.


  • The Construction Department | Studio

In our state of the art construction studio, we are able to build all size structures that make up the set. GMC’s

team has first-rate craft skills in carpentry, painting, and ironwork, combined with the ability to provide

creative input during the construction of film sets and props. 


  • The Properties Department | Prop Store

Our prop store combines thousands of items from different eras and styles. If you need more, the GMC’s prop masters

will find and deliver practical prop from anywhere in the country. In case it doesn’t exist – it will be made specially for you.


  • The Set Decoration Department 

Our in-house team of set decorators and set dressers will take full responsibility of delivering and ‘on the set’ management

of furniture, drapes, fixtures, paintings, and overall décor. We will also take care of the dressing props including

everything from cars and animals to dishes and household items.


  • The Graphic Department | Printing Services

Our graphic artists will create all physical graphic elements for the set such as newspapers, posters, fliers, contracts,

logos, signs, as well as digital content e.g. websites.  GMC has its own printing facilities necessary to print

elements used in scenography such as banners, translights, printing on foam, and many more.

  • Special effects, sculpture, surface treatment | Art Workshop 

This part of our facilities is a kingdom to extremely talented, expert artists such as plasterer, sculptors, and key scenic.

Apart of creating large set pieces like busts, statues, elaborate miniatures, moulds for walls, or applying

special finishes to sets like marbling or graining, our team produced prosthetic effects,

props, and specialty costumes for all kinds of film productions.

5_Obszar roboczy 1.png
1000+ m2 Set Construction Studio Art Workshop Props & Furniture Store, Warehouses Offices
3_Obszar roboczy 1.png
Over 500 completed projcets
2_Obszar roboczy 1.png
Based in Warsaw City Center
Operating locally and internationally
1_Obszar roboczy 1.png
Carpentry, Ironwork, Painting,
Sculpture, Plastics,Upholstery
6_Obszar roboczy 1.png
Professional Printing Services
4_Obszar roboczy 1.png
Crews of up to 80 people
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