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is a creative duo combining extensive experience and knowledge in the field of art, film, theater and television.


From 2013, they were responsible for set designs in hundreds of advertising productions, films and TV.

They implemented projects for both domestic and international productions (services).

As part of cooperation with GMC, they created scenography commissioned by leading production houses for brands such as: Huawei, Interia, Media Expert, Red Bull, Douglas, ING Bank, Alior Bank, Avon, Vectra, NC +, Amica, Lexus, Toyota, Netia, Wedel, OLX, Getin Bank, M Bank, Theraflu, Pepsi, Decathlon, Plus, YouTube, eWinner, DM, RTV AGD, Sofitel, Swissotel, Bion, SBB Swiss Railways, and many more.

Ads promoting Netflix original series: "Orange is the New Black", "Stranger Things" or "Sex Education", broke viewership records and gained great appreciation by viewers and industry representatives. "Besos Kochani" promoting “Orange is the New Black” series received 4 KTR awards.

They created scenography for TV broadcasters such as Polsat, TVN Turbo, Food Network, TVP, Canal + and HGTV. They made sets for many socially engaged productions, incl. spots for the Polsat Foundation or the “Czysta Polska Program”.

Future film credits include: "Polityka", "Bad Boy", "The Loop", "Love, Sex & Pandemic".

They are currently working on two feature films and a series.

Their strength lies in the combination of mutual experiences, skills and knowledge in the field of art, interior design, scenography and production.  

He - set designer, decoration construction manager, lighting designer, entrepreneur and producer. A graduate of The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts ("LIPA") in Great Britain. Honored with the special " Paul McCartney Human Spirit Award" by Sir Paul McCartney.

She - set designer, interior designer, graphic artist, artist. A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Interior Architecture, Master of Arts.

He - was fascinated with art from an early age. The First Degree Music School in the cello class made him sensitive to music, the Ochota Theater Theater Center stimulated his love for theater and live performances. At the age of 16, he entirely organized and produced the first independent music festival in Poland, "Reggae & Ska Fest", which took place at the Stodoła club in Warsaw. The success of this venture has become a driving force for further development in the field of organizing live events, which resulted in many concerts and festivals with the participation of leading Polish and foreign artists. The interest in the aspects of stage technology and production led to the establishment of the first business in 2006  under the GMC banner.

She - from an early childhood interested in painting and theater. She was a member of the Ochota Theater Center and in later years of the Popera Music Theater, with which she visited community centers, schools, and kindergartens as an actress. As a hobby, he creates synth-pop music which he writes and sings. Already during her studies at the Academy, she carried out her own interior designs, not only in terms of decoration but also the creation and use of appropriate technical solutions.

He - during his studies in England, under the watchful eye of the most eminent creators of the entertainment industry from around the world, gained knowledge and invaluable experience in the area of comprehensive visual conception and production of artistic projects. During over three years of operation on the British market, he took part in nearly 30 productions, incl. Shakespeare's drama Antony and Cleopatra, directed by Oscar-nominated Janet Suzman, and The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, directed by Christopher Morahan.

She - has completed hundreds of completed projects of residential interiors, commercial premises, furniture, and widely understood design. Over the years of creative work, she has gained experience that gives a sense of space and composition, knowledge of current trends in design, as well as knowledge of ergonomic standards. Thanks to her knowledge of graphic programs, he creates graphics, 3D visualizations, and detailed technical drawings that are necessary for visual communication. These skills help to visualize the client how the individual elements of the decoration will be arranged in the space and what the whole set will look like when built.

He - after returning to the country in 2012, extended the scope of GMC's activities to date with the design and construction of scenography and comprehensive production of live events. In the same year, the international event agency Terrapin ltd. entrusted him with the preparation of an event on a global scale - Shale Gas World Europe in the Warsaw EXPO XXI hall. As part of this order, he was responsible for the preparation of the event scenography and several dozen individual exhibitions stand, construction of decorations and exhibition stands, preparation of the lighting design, provision of stage technology equipment with service (sound system, lighting, multimedia), as well as coordination of the production of the entire project. During 4 days of assembly, under the name of GMC, he coordinated the work of 80 people who built buildings on an area of 3,600 m2 and installed audio-visual systems according to the design he had created. "The result was astonishing, with the entire company from the CEO downwards agreeing that this was the best event we had ever produced from the visual point of view" Sarah Holmes, Terrapin ltd .

“Production Design is not only about having the perfect relationship to the story but also the ability to lift up the story to a place no one knew it could go.”  Rose Lagacé 


Since 2006, GMC Productions has been providing a wide range of specialized services and production solutions for advertising, events, film and television.

We are the only company on the market that can provide comprehensive services using the resources of one organization

in the areas of: scenography, stage and effect technique, plan service as well as production management.

GMC is a team of outstanding artists, craftsmen, engineers and managers, whose passion releases unimaginable amounts of creative energy that drives them to take on even the most difficult challenges.  

We are determined that thanks to investments in the most modern equipment, innovative technological solutions and a highly qualified team, we will set new directions for the development of the advertising and event industries,

film and television.

The headquarters, main warehouses and production halls of GMC are located at ul. Hoża in the heart of Warsaw,

which means we are the most centrally located and best connected delivery company

services related to the construction of decorations, props, and rental of technical equipment on the local market.

The location in the central part of Europe also gives us the opportunity to service

events and film sets of all sizes throughout the European Union,

while maintaining competitive prices of services.



The main areas of activity of GMC Productions

separated in individual departments:

- Art Department

Production Design, Art Direction, Set Construction, Prop Making & Rental, Graphic Design, Printing Services, FX Workshop

(design and construction of scenography, production and rental of props, graphic design and printing house, model room for the needs of FX)


We have a set production hall with our own carpentry shop, locksmith shop, paint shop and model shop.  

The highly qualified team in the individual production areas consists of carpenters, locksmiths, painters, artists and sculptors. We treat the team as the basis of our business, we employ both experienced decoration workers and young talented artists from the Academy of Fine Arts.

- Stage & Event Technology Department

sound, lighting and multimedia equipment rental and operation, corporate events and international exhibition services  

(comprehensive technical service: sound system, lighting, multimedia, stage systems and stage structures, rental of event equipment such as barrier barriers, fences, heaters, aggregates, construction of exhibition and advertising stands)  


We are in possession of sound, lighting and multimedia devices from reputable manufacturers that meet the rider requirements of most of the leading Polish performers. We have LED screens with a 3 mm pixel, intelligent lighting devices (moving heads), line-aligned sound systems, and all the necessary peripherals.  

- Production Management Department

creative development and production management

We aim to always exceed our audiences' expectations with our shows, technology, constructions, designs and creative development. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. 

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